Shelley Rosetta

Shelley is a Principal at encompas, heading up our Sales and Marketing department and overseeing our Wichita office. She is a fabulous communicator and a great listener, both traits which help her take a project along the straight path of problem solving that results in very successful projects. Shelley also oversees some of encompas' largest accounts including Sprint, American Century and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Shelley is a strong believer in employee welfare and health. Her background and education as an interior designer (KU '91) is the foundation for her expertise. She is a great advocate for our encompas associates, helping us better our company and be the great place to work that we are.

Shelley stays busy travelling across the region with her two athletic teenagers for soccer, volleyball and baseball.  In addition she is heavily committed to the many industry and community organization in which she is involved, such as CoreNet, the Downtown Council of Kansas City, and Haworth's Work Place Alliance and Dealer Council networks. 

FIRST THING SHE DOES EVERY MORNING: Cuddle with her devil dog, Lucy.

Shelley's Contact Information
(816) 285-6463
f (816) 300-1123
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